God’s 4 Roads to Arrive at the Lost During the Affliction


Assuming the Congregation is raptured off the substance of the earth before the long term Adversity begins, then, at that point, how does God approach getting anybody saved during the long term Affliction on the off chance that there is no Congregation or principle collection of adherents left to lecture the gospel? The Good book says that an incredible large number of individuals will get saved during the Hardship.

God will arrive at the lost during this horrendous time through 4 fundamental roads. They are as per the following:

The 2 Observers.
144,000 Jewish Observers.
A Holy messenger of the Never-ending Gospel.
A Significant Overflowing of the Essence of God.
As you will find in the Sacred text stanzas recorded beneath – God will in any case make each endeavor to get as many individuals saved as He can before His Child returns for His subsequent coming. All of the above roads will be drastic actions being taken by God to reach the most that He can with His Congregation having effectively been removed from the 10,000 foot view via the Joy. Here are the Sacred text sections to back all of this up.

  1. The 2 Observers

The Book of Disclosures lets us know that at some point during the Adversity, two observers strolling with the full force of God, will approach forecasting for His benefit to the entire world. The Holy book says that they will live by faith in the Almighty’s ability to prediction to the world for 1260 days which is just about three and half years. Anyway the Good book doesn’t let us know if they go onto the scene during the initial three and half long periods of the Adversity or in the final part of the Hardship.

In one or the other occasion, we realize they will show up at some point during the long term Affliction. The Book of scriptures says that nobody will actually want to hurt them or kill them during the 1260 days that they are living every day with the Almighty’s power. Assuming anybody attempts to kill them, the Holy book says that fire will in a real sense emerge from their mouths to kill the individuals who might attempt to damage or kill them. They will in a real sense have the full force of God to close down paradise to hold it back from pouring on the off chance that they ought to so want. They will likewise have the ability to transform our waters into blood and to make plagues go onto the earth to torture the nonbelievers in general.

Notwithstanding, when their time is up, the Holy book says that the Antichrist can then beat them and kill them. After he kills them, he then, at that point, permits their bodies to stay in the roads of Jerusalem for three and half days. The nonbelievers will be celebrating in light of the fact that these two observers had been torturing every one of them during the three and half years that they had been living by faith in the Almighty’s power. I likewise feel the Antichrist is doing this to show the world that he has recently crushed and killed God’s “ideal.” I additionally accept this will be displayed on world television so the entire world will see what the Antichrist has recently achieved.

Notwithstanding, following three and half days with their dead bodies lying and spoiling in Jerusalem, God reverses the situation on the Antichrist so that the entire world might see. God will in a real sense revive the assortments of the two observers before the entire world. At the point when their bodies are restored and these two return to life, the Holy book says that extraordinary dread will fall on the people who really witness this occasion. Now, God will in a real sense make these two observers rise into paradise very much like Jesus did.

Just after these two observers climb into paradise, God will then, at that point, make an extraordinary quake strike the city of Jerusalem making one 10th of it fall and killing 7000 individuals. Here is the stanza that explicitly lets us know all of this:

“Also, I will enable My two observers, and they will forecast 1,000 200 and sixty days (1260), dressed in rough clothing … Also, to hurt them, fire continues from their mouth and eats up their adversaries. What’s more, to hurt them, he should be killed thusly. These have the ability to close paradise, so that no downpour falls in the day of their prediction; and they have control over waters to transform them into blood, and to hit the earth with all infections, as frequently as they want.

Presently when they finish their declaration, the monster that rises out of the abyss will make battle against them, conquer them, and kill them. Furthermore, their dead bodies will be in the road of the incredible city which profoundly is called Sodom and Egypt, where likewise our Ruler was executed. Then, at that point, those from the people groups, clans, tongues and countries will see their dead bodies three and half days, and not permit their bodies to be placed into graves. Furthermore, the people who harp on the earth will cheer over them, make joyful, and send gifts to each other, on the grounds that the two prophets tortured the individuals who harp on the earth. Know more here 144,000 in the Bible

Presently after the three and half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they remained on their feet, and extraordinary dread fell on the people who saw them. Also, they heard an uproarious voice sharing with them, “Come up here.” And they rose to paradise in a cloud, and their foes saw them. Around the same time there was an extraordinary tremor and a 10th of the city fell. In the quake 7,000 men were killed, and the rest were apprehensive and gave brilliance to the Lord of paradise.” (Disclosures 11:3-13)

For the people who miss the Satisfaction however get saved a while later, the endeavors of these two observers will be an extraordinary “confidence promoter” to all Christians living right now. They will see the full force of God working through these two observers and not even the Antichrist himself will actually want to contact them until their 1260 days are up.

And, surprisingly, after the Antichrist kills them, God actually wins eventually as He will approach reviving these two and in a real sense climb them into paradise. For those Christians who realize they are presumably going to get martyred during this time, to see these two observers revive and in a real sense climb into paradise after they are killed – will give them incredible confidence and let them in on that they also will go directly to paradise whenever they are martyred – very much like the two observers recently did.

  1. The 144,000 Jewish Observers

At some point during the initial segment of the Affliction or perhaps right toward its start, God will pick and stamp 144,000 Jewish individuals out of the 12 principle clans of Israel. These 144,000 Jews will get some sort of imprint on their temple from God. Because of this imprint and seal, the decisions that will fall upon the earth during the long term Adversity won’t contact or mischief them.

God likewise calls these 144,000 the “principal organic products to God and the Sheep.” The Sheep is Jesus. God is saying something that these 144,000 will be the main arrangement of Jews to get saved and acknowledge Jesus as their actual Savior.

However Sacred text doesn’t explicitly express that these 144,000 Jews will really observer to other people, the decision among a great deal of prescience understudies is that they most certainly will observer and lecture the gospel to other people, only because of the way that they have now been saved and will genuinely be shielded from every one of the decisions that will hit the earth during this time.

It is simply consistent to presume that God will utilize these 144,000 Jews to lecture the gospel as they will currently have the full force of the Essence of God working in them to have the option to lecture. I genuinely question assuming God will simply make them falsehood and lounging around and not lecturing – particularly with the Congregation perhaps having been raptured before they are fixed and approached.

  1. God will require however many individuals as could reasonably be expected to lecture, seeing and getting individuals saved – particularly in the event that the principle assemblage of devotees are as of now not on the earth to lecture and observer to other people. Here are the two principle sections from Sacred writing that inform you regarding these 144,000 Jews.

“After these things I saw four heavenly messengers remaining at the four corners of the earth, holding the four breezes of the earth, that the breeze shouldn’t blow on the earth, on the ocean, or on any tree. Then, at that point, I saw another heavenly messenger climbing from the east, having the mark of the living God. Also, he shouted out with an uproarious voice to the four holy messengers to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the ocean, saying,
“Try not to hurt the earth, the ocean, or the trees till we have fixed the workers of our God on their temples.

What’s more, I heard the quantity of the people who were fixed. One hundred and 44 thousand of the relative multitude of clans of the offspring of Israel were fixed.” (Disclosures 7:1-4)

The remainder of this stanza then, at that point, proceeds to express the 12 primary clans of Israel and the 12,000 that will be removed from every one of them to add up to the 144,000.

  1. This next refrain lets us know that they will be the “principal organic products” of the Jewish individuals to acknowledge Jesus as their actual Savior.

“Then, at that point, I looked, and view, a Sheep remaining on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and 44 thousand having His Dad’s name composed on their temples … These are the ones who were not debased with ladies, for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Sheep any place He goes. These were recovered from among men, being first natural products to God and to the Sheep. What’s more, in their mouth was tracked down no cleverness, for they are without issue before the privileged position of God.” (Disclosures 14:1-4)

Presently what comes next is a truly fascinating turn. God will permit, out of the blue, a holy messenger to lecture the gospel to whoever is left on the earth during the Affliction.

  1. The Heavenly messenger of the Never-ending Gospel

God has things set up down here on earth for people to lecture the gospel. This isn’t the occupation of His heavenly messengers. Be that as it may, God will obviously be making a special case for this during the hour of the long term Hardship. He will permit one heavenly messenger to lecture every one of the individuals who are as yet living on this planet during the Adversity.

I accept the explanation that God will make such a special case during this time is on the grounds that the congregation will have been raptured, and things will get so awful during this time, that God should extraordinarily attempt to reach however many individuals as He can before the end comes.

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